Finding purpose in life, are You Restless?

purpose in lifeSo…are you one of “those” people who has never settled down…always been searching for “something else”….felt a little “different” and a bit of a “misfit”?

Well….good for you….and welcome to the tribe! Truth is that there are many, many people who fit this description. Many, many people who feel a little weird, live a silent “inner life” of questioning and wondering and seeking and never quite settling.

On the outside it can look like you are always after the “next shiny thing”….that could be through relationships, work, new toys, new clothes, holidays…any number of ways it can show itself. Or maybe your external life looks orderly and controlled…but your internal life is very different.

Want to have a better life

living with purpose

All these are great signs that there is a part of you that has a yearning for you to have a “better” life. And by “better” I mean simply that you want to make a contribution, fill your days and your life with things that have both meaning and purpose. The inner yearning is often a voice or a feeling that is “seeking”. A wise part of you that already knows that you are here on planet earth for greater things. That like all creatures, we have a place and a “function” here….we did not just randomly arrive and have 70+ years to “fill in” on our Earth walk.

So if you are one of “those” people…know that you are not alone, know that you are not “weird” and know that a fulfilling, rich and meaningful life is ahead of you….should you accept the challenge!

How to find purpose in life

find purpose in life An important starting point is to normalise what you are feeling and experiencing and to understand that there are many, many change agents and messengers here on the Earth at this point in time and working individually and collectively in the evolution of humanity and planet Earth.

Once you “get” that you are not some weird or freak…. than get on with discovering your purpose…. that becomes your compass for living a life of meaning and contribution.

There are many ways that you can do this: follow your heart when choosing which method and which approach you will follow to become fully aware of your purpose. It can be quite a journey…but Ione I am sure you will not regret…if called to this work.

Let me know how you get on to your living purposefully…

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