How Knowing your Purpose Can Help You Manage Your Time

Who hasn’t felt the pressures of time in a modern Western world? While computers were once heralded as a “work saver” and were meant to make our lives easier, there seems little doubt amongst the people I know that life is way more complex and way busier than it used to be. How can knowing your purpose help you with managing your time? Great question!

Most people I know seem to have a never ending “to do list”. Whether this list is physically written down or carried around in one’s head, it is there…and often life seems like a relentless drudge from one task to another… day to another…one week to another and on it goes.

Well…would you like to take some control back and start “creating some time and space” for yourself? It’s not that difficult.

You see most people fill their days with “stuff”. They are busy…sometimes very busy….but it is just “stuff”. Stuff they think they need to do, stuff they agreed to do (for or with someone else)…lots of stuff. And often times doing this “stuff” takes a lot of energy and there is little return.

There is a good reason for that. Most people fill there day with “stuff”…the “stuff” that doesn’t matter….whether it’s obligation, doing it coz “that’s what I’ve always done” or whatever….the “stuff” often drains us energy and our lifeforce….it has no meaning or purpose for us.

So…the solution? Easy. Three steps:

  1. Make a list of all your “to do’s” for today or this week
  2. For each “to do” on your list ask “Is this purposeful for me to do” And give it a score of 1 – 10 where 1 is not at all purposeful and 10 is absolutely 100% purposeful
  3. For each to do on your list ask “Is now the right time?”

If you make this part of your daily/weekly/monthly planning and follow through with the information you receive (so focus on your most purposeful activities when the timing is right) you will find that a lot of “stuff” gets dropped off AND your day is energizing…even if busy, because you are filling with activities which have meaning and purpose…and not just filling it with “stuff”

Let me know how you get on