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“If you are tired of all the barriers in your life that are holding you back from living a life of passion and purpose, Danny is the guy to have with you on your life journey. Yes, he is that good!”
Kerrie C., Fundraiser Manager

“Danny possesses the rare skill of being able to create moments that dare us to challenge ourselves; to question our own values and beliefs; to stretch us to seek and grasp opportunities, within a safe, supportive learning environment that Danny has nurtured.

Danny’s enquiring approach emboldens us to seek answers to, at times provocative, riddles from both within themselves, and the group. The experience is akin to a journey of discovery; as much about learning ‘who I am’, as it is about ‘and how has this new understanding changed me?’ An opportunity to participate in a Danny Swanson facilitated learning experience is something to grasp with both hands and to treasure with heart and mind.”

Nick N., Leadership Development Consultant

“The unique and incredible thing about Danny is, he doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, he invites you on a journey to share what you need to hear. He has an innate sense of what you need, when you need it, with just the right amount of tension to have you looking deeper within, with more honesty and insight than ever before. I have experienced first hand the life and career changing impact Danny can have on individuals. You can’t afford not to get to know Danny Swanson”
Jodie M., Leadership Development Consultant

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