The Longest Journey

One of my mentors once said to me “the longest journey you will ever make is the 18” (or 450mm) between your head and your heart”. Profound.

And for me at that point in time both poignant and prophetic. I have spent my whole life (or at least the bits I remember) oscillating between my head and my heart….but not really understanding why or how to integrate them. It seemed like I was divided into two – a headstrong part that would surface as soon as I felt any stress or pressure….a place I could and would retreat for “safety”. And then there was the part of me that was open hearted, at peace with life, where I felt like the “real me” could come forward. But this part was also dreamy…idealistic…and was the part of me that was not content and was searching for something more.

Most usually I lived in my head so that I could stay at work, pay the bills and “fit in” more. I supressed that idealistic part of me, the part that was searching for more…..but I never snuffed it out. It was always lurking….never ready to let go or disappear…something I am truly grateful for.

Then I “stumbled” onto some purpose work…and my life forever changed…..I began to identify my purpose…in exquisite detail. The longing and yearnings for “more” dissipated, I never felt alone again. I built a bridge between my head and my heart…and I cross over it now.

I understand the value that my head offers and I also understand the value that my heart offers. They work together so well. My life began transforming in what at times seemed like miraculous ways. Serendipity became the new “norm”. The more I could integrate both aspects of me and align them with my purpose, the deeper and more meaningful my life became.

When I face the inevitable challenges and hurdles life throws at us, I approach them from a different place now…these events are “on the way” not “in the way”.

Finding my purpose has in fact enabled me to make that longest trip….from my head to my heart. And it has given me a set of tools and understandings that I can apply as I need to when I find myself in two parts again (as happens from time to time).

Find your purpose, and allow it to be the bridge between your head and your heart.


Let me know how you get on


To your living purposefully