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Transform your Life.

Transform your Life with Danny Swanson

find purpose and transform your life!

Find purpose and transform your life!

Despite all that you have done,
you’re starting to doubt yourself,
starting to feel like a failure.

Why are others settled? Why are they happy to just stick with the one thing? Why are you so discontented?

What is it? WHY? WHY?

You are looking for something MORE. Something DEEPER. Something complete. You know what it is. You can’t find it. But you know it is THERE.

You are not happy. You want things to be DIFFERENT.

You are RESTLESS. You do not want or like the STATUS QUO. You want to agitate.

You are wanting to make things BETTER. You seek new SOLUTIONS. New OPPORTUNITIES.

You want to TRANSFORM and to be TRANSFORMED!

Stop waiting, contact Danny Swanson now.

You know it starts within even if they don’t know how or what or when it starts.
You are wanting to embrace yourself, step into your power and FEEL OK ABOUT THAT.

You know deep down who you are but SOCIAL CONDITIONING is keeping you from fully embracing who you are and what you have to offer.

You realise that life is moving on and on looking ahead you know that you are not doing or getting what you want.
There is an emptiness, a yearning for something more.
You are torn between others EXPECTATIONS and following your path.

You really want to follow your path but are hesitant, reluctant and unsure how to… or what it really and truly is.

You want to make a difference yet at the same time fear stepping out of your comfort zone. You fear stepping up and standing out YET you are driven to do just that.

Step up and stand out. You have not done that before but it drives you now.

It is your time

It is your time to start transformation.

There is an emptiness. And “I know there is more” feeling.
from living a fully expressed PURPOSEFUL LIFE.
An aching to contribute fully and be blessed with
the enrichment of life that this brings, both to self and others

You need the strength and connection that comes
from knowing your purpose and following your destiny
– that sets you free, expands your impact and creates massive social change.

You seek belonging but at the same time seek to walk YOUR OWN UNIQUE PATH.

You don’t fully know WHAT YOUR DESTINY IS. But you are already on your path.

You are looking.

You realise that life is moving by. You know you are here to MAKE A DIFFERENCE to make a contribution. Now is your time. You still have plenty of years left, but you need to get going. You just don’t know where you need to get going to. What is your direction? What is your ultimate purpose here on earth?

Your hopes and dreams are to find yourself, your purpose and CONNECT WITH SOMETHING BIGGER THAN YOU. With your Spirit, your God, your tribe.
You want connection and you WANT TO LIVE A PURPOSEFUL LIFE. Through the ups and downs. Beat your own trail, make your own path.

You want to find answers to your questions. To quench the thirst of your need to know.
You want to find your place in the world. To FIND your WORLD.

You want the peace, the tranquillity, the HARMONY of KNOWING YOURSELF.

You belong to a tribe of people wanting to change the status quo.
Some would say renegades and misfits…
but that is not the way you see it.

All these things are perfectly normal! I have good news for you! The problem is not you!

Imagine this:

You feel extraordinary, liberated, free, empowered, and beautiful. Your life is now beyond expectations, transformational, unbelievable. You talk about it as being serene, peaceful, your heart is open and full of love, grateful, safe, exhilarating, unlike anything you have experienced before, blissful.

You are able to step into who you truly are. You are empowered. You are confident. You have inner peace. You know that you are the master of your destiny. You know you have the inner resources and inner strength to carve your niche, to live with purpose and to live on purpose. You know you are not alone, never have been and never will be.


You are feeling:

WHOLE Complete Content


You are absolutely 100% sure that:

You are doing what you are meant to do.

You are not ALONE.

You are moving with FRIENDS

You are part of a far bigger ENERGY.

You can submit your ego and trust the divine to GUIDE you.

in your life and that this will only grow beyond your wildest dreams.


At long last that inner gnawing and niggling HAS GONE. The emptiness HAS GONE.

The sense of being lost and confused HAVE GONE. The “I am different” HAS GONE. The “I don’t belong” HAS GONE.

You have found YOURSELF, you have found your PURPOSE.

You have connected with your SPIRIT. You are never alone.

You feel deeply GRATEFUL, you are CONNECTED…both in the physical world and beyond.

There is an INNER TRANQUILLITY which you have never experienced before.

You have been longing for it but never found it.

You have a core, deep feeling of connection. A great sense of oneness.

You are at peace with myself, your world and the universe.

You have FOUND YOUR PLACE…and you like it!

Want it?



If you truly want a transformational experience,

if you truly want to understand your purpose in exquisite detail,

if you are committed to living a purposeful life,

not accepting the status quo and getting off the beaten track

and forging your own path then come and work with me.

A straight forward, down to earth, pragmatic approach

to discovering your path to all this.

Start now!

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